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- 3 years ago

Winter debris on your lawn needs cleaned up

Winter can be very harsh on your lawn. One common issue in early Spring is the accumulation of debris in certain areas of the lawn. Leaves and trash tend to accumulate in the corners of the lawn or behind landscaping or other objects in your yard. Read my blog post to find out more about the effects of winter debris on your lawn!

- 4 years ago

Winter Lawn Damage

Inspect your property now for winter lawn damage

This just in – Spring weather has finally arrived! We are all tired of seeing winter weather advisories on your phone, and thankfully, we can now unofficially welcome you to Spring. Yes, we know there are a few dips into the 40’s remaining in the Plainfield area forecast, but 40’s are better than 30’s & 20’s so we are not complaining. If you are getting the itch to get back to work in your yard, here are a few things to take care of first (courtesy of old man winter)…

Rodent trails

Now that the snow has melted, have you noticed those pesky little trails that seem to be a super highway connecting every rodent village in the county with your mulch beds? Find out if your lawn recover from these seemingly dead trails in the grass!

Get that lawn cleaned up!

Take advantage of the beautiful weather to clean up all of that winter debris (sticks, leaves, the neighbor’s recycling that blew out of their bin during the last storm, etc). Too much debris left on the lawn can cause lots of problems and keep your lawn from looking its best.

Fill in the damage left by the overly-aggressive snow plow guy

He came through at 2am, bound and determined to clear the snow off of your street before he ran out of coffee. While we know it is important for you to be able to get out of your driveway and get to work safely, it is always a bummer when the snow finally melts and you realize he took a 30 foot stretch of your beautiful lawn down to the neighbor’s house. These areas need to be filled in and repaired as soon as possible to prevent weeds from filling in.

Plan your lawn care program for 2015

If you already have a lawn care program in place, try to remember back to last season…What made you happy about your lawn? What made you unhappy? As a customer of That Weed Guy, we believe that communication is key! Give us a call or email us, message us on Facebook – we’d LOVE to talk to you about your lawn, and will be glad to make adjustments to your program so that you are happy with the results! Not already a customer or unhappy with your current lawn care company? Give our services a try today, starting with a free, no-obligation quote!

- 5 years ago

April showers bring May dandelions

Those ugly dandelions are popping up like crazy!

After last week’s rain, those annoying yellow flowers started showing up in area lawns. As evidenced on Facebook and Twitter, children all throughout the Chicagoland area started giving their mothers entire bouquets of these abundant, inexpensive “flowers”.

While the thought of your child thinking of you while he or she is outside playing is always welcome, it can also be a reminder to mom and dad that its time to get the lawn in good shape. After all, there are graduation parties, Memorial Day weekend cookouts, and the family reunion on the schedule for the next few months.

That Weed Guy can help!

Don’t let dandelions and other weeds steal the show – That Weed Guy can help! Our regular lawn care programs take care of dandelions and dozens of other broadleaf weeds all season long. Don’t wait – To get your free quote, fill out the simple form on this page, or give us a call:

  • 630-759-5566Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, or surrounding communities.
  • 815-459-9111Crystal Lake, McHenry, or surrounding area.

That Weed Guy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee

All of our programs are covered by our That Weed Guy 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with any of our services, let us know right away and we will make it right. If you are still not completely satisfied, we will refund you the entire cost of that application. All of our 4, 5, and 6 step programs come with the following:

  • Free Service Calls!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Friendly, Courteous Technicians
  • Professional RESULTS!

Get a free quote for Dandelion control today!

Call 630-759-5566 (Southwest suburbs) or 815-459-9111 (Northwest suburbs) OR submit our simple form on this page.

- 6 years ago

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We’re Making It Easy to Stay in Touch

Jeremy Biros “That Weed Guy” understands the importance of communicating with our customers. We are doing everything we can to make it easy to keep in touch with us. From the traditional phone and snail mail methods to social media and email, you can pick your favorite methods and we will keep you informed of site updates, newly posted free lawn care tips, and special offers. For contact information for all of our locaitons, please visit our Contact page.

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