Help Your Lawn Recover from Summer Stresses – Aerate and Over-Seed

Jeremy Biros - 12 months ago

Summer is the most difficult time of year for your cool-season lawn. Long periods of extreme heat and severe drought add excessive stress to your lawn. Some areas of your lawn may shut down and go dormant, while others may even die off. A lawn stressed by heat and drought will allow broadleaf weeds and crabgrass to move in. Disease takes over the more susceptible areas of the lawn. Pests such as chinch bugs and grubs attack and destroy your beautiful turf.

Managing Summer lawn issues

Managing all of these potential lawn issues during the Summer is very challenging. This is because many times the issues are a result of the combination of several other issues. Often, there are not any 100% clear-cut answers or fixes. Thankfully, there is something you can do in Late Summer or Early Fall to help your lawn recover from the damage of Summer – Core Aeration and Over-Seeding!

When done alone, each of these 2 highly beneficial services are great for your lawn. Complete them together at the same time and you have a super solution to many Summer lawn problems, and you are strengthening your lawn against future problems.

Core aeration is great for your lawn

Core aeration in the Fall is one of the best, if not the best, practice you can do to your lawn. Its benefits include relieving soil compaction so roots have room to grow, breaking down excessive thatch to help prevent disease, and allowing nutrients and water to better reach the root zone. Read more about core aeration here…

Over-seeding your lawn has many benefits

We over-seed your lawn with high quality seed varieties bred to be more disease and drought tolerant. These varieties have proven to grow well in our local environment. They also have a very low percentage of weed seeds in them. Thickening up your lawn with an over-seeding helps to prevent weeds, makes the lawn look more full and lush, and helps to shade the soil, holding in more moisture for longer. Read more about over-seeding here…

Combine core aeration with over-seeding for a great lawn

Completing a core aeration immediately prior to an over-seeding helps you get the most out of your over-seeding. Top dressing your lawn with the soil cores help improve seed-to-soil contact when doing the over-seeding. This increases the effectiveness and germination rate of the seed.

That Weed Guy can help!

Choosing the correct type of seed and renting a core aerator machine can be a lot of work. We already provide these great services to hundreds of customers in your area. Let us give you a quote to have 1 or both of these services to your annual / continuous lawn care program today!

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