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Homeowner Responsibilities Checklist for a Healthy Lawn

To keep your lawn healthy with a minimal number of weeds, there are several key responsibilities for the homeowner to keep up with. Our fertilization and weed control programs are just one piece of the lawn care puzzle.

Minimum responsibilities for the homeowner

No lawn care program will be successful if the homeowner does not fulfill these minimum responsibilities. Are you doing all of these? Please review any items that need attention and let us know right away if you have any questions.

Mow and trim properly

  • Mow and trim the entire property once per week, even during periods of drought when the grass is not growing – while the grass may not be growing, weeds will thrive during drought conditions if not kept mowed and trimmed regularly. Our services are not a replacement for proper mowing and trimming.
  • Include back sides of fences and other hidden areas in your weekly maintenance.
  • Keep grass between 3″ and 4.5″. If left too long, weeds will spread. If cut too short, the lawn will suffer and crabgrass and other weeds will spread.

    Proper mowing height

  • Edges of lawn should be trimmed in a square fashion and kept at 3″ with the rest of the lawn. Do not use the sloped method of trimming shorter and shorter as you get closer to the edge. Edges cut in this fashion make it easy for crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds to enter the lawn and thrive along the edges.

    Edging your lawn properly

Maintain the landscape beds and non-lawn areas regularly

  • Kill weeds in landscape beds with Round Up or similar weed and grass killer. Be careful to not track or leak the chemicals into the lawn and stay away from your ornamental plantings.
  • Keep a deep, clean, well-defined edge around all landscape beds. This will help keep weeds and grasses from spreading between the 2 areas, and will make it more obvious where the lawn ends and the landscape begins.
  • Apply a fresh, 2″ layer of mulch once or twice per year in Spring and Fall. Mulch breaks down into soil, and if not covered at least annually with a new layer, weeds will thrive in the area.

Water properly

Water is one of the most important basic requirements for a healthy lawn. Lack of water, combined with high heat can add a significant amount of stress to your lawn.

  • Water lawn a minimum of 1″ to 2″ of water per week to stay healthy (minus any rainfall totals for the week). Increase during times of drought.
  • Infrequent, deep watering of the lawn is better than frequent, light watering. Deep watering promotes deep root growth, which is key to surviving drought.
  • Water the lawn in the morning to give the grass a chance to dry out during the day. This will minimize the risk of lawn diseases.
  • Read more in-depth information about good lawn watering habits…

Remove or kill perennial grassy weeds

These grassy weeds are not controlled by our programs because they are biologically similar to the desirable grasses in your lawn. We do not offer services to kill these types of weeds but can help identify the species for you.

  • Quack grass – pale green blade, grows throughout lawn.
  • Tall fescue – dark green, grows in large clumps.
  • Use Round Up or similar grass killer to carefully wet each blade with a cotton ball or Q-tip.
  • Keep lawn areas free of debris (i.e., leaves, sticks, trash, wood, plastic, etc.).

Keep your lawn looking great!

Combine the above homeowner responsibilities with our regular lawn care programs, and you will see a great improvement in your lawn. Remember that our programs are just one piece of the lawn care puzzle. Together we can help you achieve a great-looking lawn!

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