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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Northern Illinois Winters are Tough on Lawns

Here are a few free tips for preparing your lawn for the dark, cold northern Illinois winters. If you have a green thumb and enough spare time, you may decide to tackle these all on your own. If, on the other hand, your thumb is not so green, or you are just too busy to fit it into your schedule, That Weed Guy wants to help. Contact us or request a no obligation free estimate today.

Have Your Lawn Core Aerated and Overseeded

Late summer to early fall is a great time to repair any bare or thin areas of your lawn. This can be accomplished by first core aerating your lawn, followed immediately by an overseeding at the appropriate rate. Finally, be sure to keep it watered for at least two weeks so the seed has a chance to germinate. If you have any damaged areas, you may want to rake them up, apply some fresh black dirt, and gently massage the seed into the top layer of soil.

Apply Heavy Fertilization

While the lawn might appear to have stopped growing in the winter, it is actually working hard all winter long growing roots below the surface. Putting down a good heavy fertilization in late fall can provide the nutrients needed to build strong, deep roots all winter long. A deeper and stronger root system will help your lawn stand up to insects and the heat and drought of summer.

Mow Shorter On Your Final Mowing

Continue to cut your lawn at the normal height while it is growing, but once it gets cold and the lawn stops growing, give it a final cut that is shorter than your typical mowing. Don’t scalp the lawn, but drop it an inch or so lower than normal. This will help to remove any stems and other dead matter that tends to make the texture of the lawn look less appealing. A lawn left too high all winter also tends to trap more leaves and debris that may have blown in from the surrounding areas. Finally, mowing short on the final mowing will also help the lawn look more green when it first comes up in the following spring.

Keep Your Lawn Clear of Leaves and Debris

After the final mowing, many homeowners will put their mower away for the year and forget about the lawn until spring. That Weed Guy recommends that you keep your lawn clear of all winter long. Leaves and debris can keep valuable water, nutrients, and sun light away from your lawn, resulting in yellowed or damaged areas in the spring.

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