2019 Prepay Letters are in the Mail!

Jeremy Biros - 2 years ago

Happy New Year to my valued customers in and around the Plainfield area! I hope you had a nice holiday season and are back into your regular routines. I am writing to you today to, first and foremost, personally thank you for your business in 2018. Myself and my family and staff are very grateful for your continued support of our local, family-owned lawn care business. I would like to let you know more about this year’s optional prepay offer and give you an update on the coming 2019 lawn care season. I have been hard at work implementing enhancements to help increase my focus on the things you value most from your lawn care provider.

Your 2019 Lawn Care Prepay Offer

2019 prepay letters are in the mail – watch for the yellow envelope. This year I am happy to once again offer a 7% prepay discount if you pay in full for the 2019 season by February 15th, 2019. I am also happy to say that once again I am able to avoid a general price increase for 2019. This prepay offer, as always, is 100% optional. The benefits of prepaying are that you can set it and forget it, save money, and help contribute to lower prices going forward. By prepaying, you help us to lower our fertilizer, weed control, and other lawn care material costs. We pass these savings on to you with our prepay discount and low prices. While I think prepaying is a great opportunity for both of us, it is absolutely optional. My services are continuous from season to season, and we will continue to come out and give you the best possible service, whether you accept the prepay offer or not.

Continued Focus on What You Value Most from your Lawn Care Provider

Before I close, I would also like to mention a little about what I am doing to focus every aspect of my lawn care business on the things you value most. Last winter, I mailed out a Customer Value Survey with your 2018 prepay letter. I received a lot of great feedback from many of you. After a full season of analyzing the feedback, as well as calls, emails, and texts from all of you, I’ve honed in on 6 recurring points that you tend to value most:

  • Quality Results
  • Customization
  • Scheduling / Pre-Notification
  • Safety
  • Exceptional Support
  • Investment Protection

I know there are many other things that are important to you, but the above 6 topics were consistently tops. I am implementing a lot of controls and procedures to help keep myself and my partners focused on those 6 items. That being said, I am continuously open to hearing any and all feedback from you throughout the year. I always encourage feedback, positive or not. I encourage you to provide an honest review on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or any other service.

I am already excited for Spring and hope to hear from you throughout the season. I hope you enjoy the winter with your family and friends. Please feel free to reach out any time by phone, email, Facebook, or text. Most of all, have a Happy New Year and Thank you!

Jeremy Biros “That Weed Guy”
Lawn Care of Plainfield, IL

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