Lawn Problems

Your Lawn Is Always Under Attack

Your lawn is constantly being bombarded by pests of all types. From drought, weeds, grubs and insects, to moss, fungus and disease, the fight never seems to end. Here you will find information about many of the common lawn problems affecting the Chicago suburbs, as well as solutions and recommendations That Weed Guy can provide. Request a free estimate today and we can give you our in-depth analysis of your lawn’s problems with absolutely no obligation or hassle.

Each Season Has Its Own Challenges

Winter damage can occur from debris on your lawn, snow plows, salt and ice-melter, as well as rodents tunneling under a layer of snow. Some of these problems are easier to fix than others.

Snow plow damage to lawn in Bolingbrook, 10 March 2013.
Winter Damage

Insects Can Cause Major Lawn Damage

Grubs, the larvae stage of many different types of beatles, are the most common and most damage capable insect pest to affect lawns in northeastern Illinois. If you do not catch them quick enough, you can lose your entire yard in a matter of days.

Grubs at the surface of the lawn in Darien.

Grassy Weeds Can Be A Pest

Grassy weeds such as crabgrass can invade your lawn and take vital water and nutrients away from your desirable grasses. Because they have a similar biological makeup to your desirable grasses, they are more difficult to control.

Crabgrass in a Bolingbrook lawn during the drought in August 2012.

Broadleaf Weeds Can Spread Like Crazy

A single dandelion can turn your entire lawn into yellow polka dots in a very short time. Thistle can injure your children if they accidentally step on it or fall on it. Creeping Charlie can takeover your entire lawn before you even realize its there. The good news is that broadleaf weeds are generally easier to control.

Moss, Fungus, and Lawn Diseases

Moss can be a sign of several major problems with your lawn. Find out how to get rid of moss and keep it out. There are a whole host of funguses and diseases that can attack your lawn. As with moss, there isn’t a single solution that takes care of diseases. Read our guide to cultural practices for improving a disease stressed lawn to find out more about common lawn diseases such as rust, dollar spot, and others.

Other lawn problems

  • Bare Spots – Areas of bare soil or dead grass can cause problems in your lawn. The soil will dry out more quickly, having a compounding drying effect on the surrounding soil. These areas are also more prone to invasions from broadleaf weeds and crabgrass. Read more about bare spots…

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