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Animals digging in the lawn for grubs.Animals digging in the lawn for grubs.

Oh No! I Have Grubs!

You see the brown patches of dead or dying grass in your lawn, and it peels back like carpet. Underneath there are “C” shaped white grubs laying on the surface of the soil. The grubs have eaten the roots under your lawn, killing it off completely. Perhaps you have even seen skunks or other animals digging in your lawn to eat the grubs. What can you do about it? Is it too late? Will they eat the entire lawn? When you encounter this situation, as many residents in the Chicago suburbs have in the past, it is important to give us a call right away. That Weed Guy can apply an insecticide to stop the damage from spreading.

What Are Grubs?

Grubs are the larva stage of many different beetles, including those pesky Japanese Beetles that are eating your rose bushes. They live in the soil beneath your lawn, coming to the surface to feed in the spring. Around the end of May or early June, they morph into their adult form and leave the soil. They feed on your rose bushes, cause you to have to wash your car more often, and occasionally end up being swallowed by an unsuspecting bicycle rider. They mate and lay eggs back in the soil. New grubs hatch from these eggs, and by early fall, they are ready to do some major damage to your lawn. As the weather begins to cool, these new grubs retreat deeper into the soil, where they will over-winter and start the whole process over again next spring.

What Does Grub Damage Look Like?

The symptoms of grub damage can vary based on the condition of the lawn, the quantity of grubs per square foot, and how how long the grubs have been feeding. Here are some photos of actual spring grub damage (mid-June):

Grub damage on the surface of the lawn.Grub damage on the surface of the lawn.Grub damage showing root damage.Grubs feeding on lawn roots at the surface of the lawn.Grubs feeding on lawn roots at the surface of the lawn.Grubs feeding on lawn roots at the surface of the lawn.

Here are some photos of actual fall grub damage (September):

Severe grub damage showing grass peeling back like carpet.Severe grub damage showing grass peeling back like carpet.A lawn severely damaged by grubs.

How Can That Weed Guy Help Control Grub Damage?

If caught early enough, That Weed Guy can stop the spread of grub damage by applying a commercial grade insecticide to the lawn. We can take a preventive approach by applying a season long control, or we can take a more reactive approach by waiting until there is damage and applying the control at that time. Contact That Weed Guy for a free estimate and make sure to specify that you are interested in pricing for grub control. If you have damage and are not sure if it is grub related, we can analyze it for you and give an unbiased, honest recommendation.

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