Jeremy Biros - 12 months ago
Help Your Lawn Recover from Summer Stresses - Aerate and Over-Seed

mmer is the most difficult time of year for your cool-season lawn. Long periods of extreme heat and severe drought add excessive stress to your lawn.

Jeremy Biros - 2 years ago
2019 Prepay Letters are in the Mail!

Happy New Year to my valued customers! I hope you had a nice holiday season and are back into your regular routines. I am writing to you today to, first and foremost, personally thank you for your business in 2018. Myself and my family and staff are very grateful for your continued support of our local, family-owned lawn care business. I would like to let you know more about this year’s optional prepay offer and give you an update on the coming 2019 lawn care season

Jeremy Biros - 4 years ago
Winter debris on your lawn needs cleaned up

Winter can be very harsh on your lawn. One common issue in early Spring is the accumulation of debris in certain areas of the lawn. Leaves and trash tend to accumulate in the corners of the lawn or behind landscaping or other objects in your yard. Read my blog post to find out more about the effects of winter debris on your lawn!

Jeremy Biros - 5 years ago
Winter Lawn Damage

This just in – Spring weather has finally arrived! We are all tired of seeing winter weather advisories on your phone, and thankfully, we can now unofficially welcome you to Spring. Yes, we know there are a few dips into the 40’s remaining in the Plainfield area forecast, but 40’s are better than 30’s & 20’s so we are not complaining. If you are getting the itch to get back to work in your yard, here are a few things to take care of first (courtesy of old man winter)…

Jeremy Biros - 6 years ago
April showers bring May dandelions

After last week’s rain, those annoying yellow flowers started showing up in area lawns. As evidenced on Facebook and Twitter, children all throughout the Chicagoland area started giving their mothers entire bouquets of these abundant, inexpensive “flowers”.

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