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Whether its shady, sunny, sloped, or flat, your lawn deserves a personal visit and analysis. We can improve the beauty of your lawn with our time-tested Lawn Care programs and Core Aeration. We can protect your lawn from pests with our Grub & Insect control. We can even keep your Small Trees and Shrubs looking good with our annual or semi-annual deep root feedings. Whether you live in Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook areas in the southwest suburbs, or you live in the Crystal Lake or McHenry areas in the northwest suburbs, we have a lawn care program that is designed for your lawn.

Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee.

At That Weed Guy, we strive to provide you with the best lawn care service around, and we back our programs with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the results of one of our lawn care services, we will do everything possible to make it right. If we are still unable to make it right, we will refund you the full price of the application.

Our lawn care programs are designed to meet the needs of your Illinois lawn.


Our lawn care programs are designed to keep your lawn free of those pesky dandelions, thistle, and other broadleaf weeds, as well as to prevent your lawn from being overrun by crabgrass. Our regular lawn care programs are applied at appropriate intervals to keep your lawn green and weed-free all season long. Each application includes balanced fertilization formulated for the specific weather and growing conditions we experience here in northeastern Illinois. Learn more about our Lawn Care programs…

Grub and insect control can protect your lawn.


Although you may not see them, in most lawns, grubs are lurking beneath the surface, chewing on the roots of your grass. If there are enough of them, and the conditions are right, grubs can destroy an entire lawn in a matter of days. That Weed Guy can provide your lawn with season-long protection from grubs and other sub-surface feeders. If you are seeing ants and other crawling insects coming into your home, you will also want to try our perimeter pest control applications.

That Weed Guy offers tree and shrub care.


Giving your small trees and shrubs an annual deep root feeding will help them grow a strong, healthy root system, allowing them to better stand up to the elements. Having a beautiful, lush landscape will accent your thick, green lawn well. Ask us how you can receive this annual treatment for free with our 6 step program!

Core aeration is the single best cultural practice for your lawn.


While a regular lawn care program is a must, it would not be complete without having your lawn core aerated each year. The list of benefits of core aeration is long. In addition to helping reduce thatch levels, it also top dresses your lawn, and allows valuable water and nutrients to reach deep into the root zone. Overall, core aeration is widely accepted as the best cultural practice you can do to your lawn. Learn more about Core Aeration and why you should avoid doing it yourself…

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