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Core Aeration

Core Aeration is great for your lawn!

Help your lawn grow deeper roots and survive heat and drought by having That Weed Guy perform core aeration on your lawn.

Core Aeration lets your lawn breathe, helps keep thatch under control, helps prevent diseases, and allows water and nutrients to soak into the root zone of your lawn. This is one of the best cultural practices for your lawn.

What is Thatch?

Contrary to popular belief, the dead grass clippings on top of your lawn are not thatch. Thatch is a layer of dead stems, roots, and other organic matter located just under the surface of the lawn. It is typically brown and has a spongy feeling to it (see photo below).

A soil plug showing thatch in a lawn in Naperville.
A soil plug showing thatch in a lawn in Naperville.

Why is Thatch a Problem?

When kept under 1/2″, thatch is actually a good thing. It can help hold in moisture and keep soil from washing away during heavy rainstorms. However, when thatch starts to get too thick, it can actually prevent water and nutrients from reaching the root zone of the grass. Excessive thatch can also harbor insects and promote the spread of disease. Core aeration, when done on a regular basis, can help to break down thatch to acceptable levels over time.

How Does Core Aeration Work

There are several types of core aerators on the market today, but most typical machines pull cylindrical plugs from the soil and drop them on the surface of your lawn. That Weed Guy’s lawn technicians run our core aerators over your entire lawn, pulling plugs approximately 1-2″ in length. The plugs are then left on the surface of the lawn (do not pick them up), which effectively top-dresses your lawn – another beneficial aspect of core aeration.

Core aeration being performed by a That Weed Guy technician on a Bolingbrook lawn.
A That Weed Guy lawn technician aerating a yard in Bolingbrook.

Why You Should Let That Weed Guy Aerate Your Lawn

Thinking about aerating your lawn on your own? You may want to think a little deeper…Here is a typical scenario for the DIY homeowner who rents an aerator from a big box store:

  • Hook up your trailer (if you have one – borrow one or rent one if you don’t $$).
  • Drive from your home to the store (gas $$).
  • Stand in line at the busy rental counter, hoping that the guy in front of you doesn’t rent the last aerator.
  • Hand over your rental money $$ + deposit $$ + damage insurance $$.
  • Load the aerator onto your trailer.
  • Drive back to your house (gas $$).
  • Unload the aerator at your house – hoping it starts.
  • Aerate your yard – a very physically demanding task – hoping you don’t throw out your back.
  • Don’t be surprised if you have to spend time re-attaching the chain, which is a common and difficult problem to deal with, especially with rental aerators.
  • Clean out each and every tine when you are done so you can avoid the cleaning fee.
  • Drive back to the store (gas $$).
  • Wait in line at the busy rental counter – again.
  • Drive back home (gas $$).
  • Spend another hour cleaning off your shoes, showering, and washing your clothes.

If you live in the areas surrounding Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Crystal Lake, or McHenry in northeastern Illinois, That Weed Guy can save you time and money by aerating your lawn for you. We can also take care of regular lawn care, including fertilization and weed control, grub & insect control, as well as the annual feedings of your small trees and shrubs. Give us a call or fill out the simple form on this page for a straight-forward, no hassle quote.

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