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Should I mow during hot weather?

Heat Can Take Its Toll On Your Lawn

Often, during periods of hot, dry weather, you might stop mowing and trimming altogether. At first, this may seem like a good idea – after all, the grass is not growing anyway, or is it?

Skipping a few mowings may save you a little time and money, but it can have negative long-term effects on the health of your lawn.

Weed grasses move in

During times of drought, your cool season grasses will brown out and possibly go dormant. This is completely normal. However, undesired grasses may continue to thrive. As these “weed” grasses grow and are not cut regularly, they will eventually produce seeds. When your lawn is finally mowed, the seeds will land in your yard. Give these seeds a little moisture, sunlight, and warm temperatures, and next thing you know, the undesired grass has spread further into your lawn.

To the health of your lawn

To recap, during periods of dry, hot weather, growth of desirable grasses will slow down or stop, but undesirable grasses may continue to thrive. Continuing to mow or trim regularly during these periods can help to prevent the spread of these “weed” grasses.

That Weed Guy: weed grasses thriving in dry conditions in Bolingbrook.
Weed grasses thriving in
dry conditions in Bolingbrook.
That Weed Guy: weed grasses thriving in dry conditions in Bolingbrook
Weed grasses up close in Bolingbrook.

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