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Should I raise my mower height?

Don’t Scalp Your Lawn!

The answer to “Should I raise my mower height?” is almost always “Yes!”. One of the critical lawn problems we encounter on a regular basis, especially during periods of hot and dry weather, is a lawn that is cut too short. While some grass types can handle it (i.e., putting greens), most lawns in our area are not planted with the putting green varieties of grass.

Should I raise my mower height to prevent crabgrass problems and other stresses?

Mowing too short during summer causes crabgrass explosions

When temps rise, so should your mower height!

By the time the hot and dry days of summer arrive, you are probably well into the routine of mowing your lawn. If you were lucky enough to have a warm, wet spring, you may be used to mowing once per week or more, to keep up. After a few months of this, it might seem like a time-saver for you to just cut it shorter – then maybe it could go a week and a half without needing mowed, right? The truth is, it is during this hot and dry part of summer, that you need to raise your mower and actually cut it higher.

The ideal mowing height for most lawns in our area is 3″ to 3 1/2″. When you cut your lawn at that height or even slightly higher, you will see many benefits.

Benefits of raising your mower height to at least 3″

  • The grass blades will help to shade the soil, keeping it much cooler than a lawn cut too short. This will help your lawn survive the scorching summer heat, will help your lawn hold in the moisture it already has.
  • A taller, thicker lawn will help to keep crabgrass and other pesky summer weeds from popping up and spreading quickly throughout the lawn.
  • The lawn will actually look fuller and greener – most of the green in your lawn is in the blades of grass – if you chop off most of the blade, you are chopping off most of the green color as well.

To the health of your lawn

Remember – when temperatures rise, so should your mower height. Following this tip will go a long way towards keeping your lawn lush and beautiful. You can also read more about helping your lawn survive a drought.

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