Watch Your Lawn for Grub Damage

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Help! My Lawn Is Peeling Back Like Carpet!

We are starting to see grub damage on some lawns in our service area. We’ve been getting calls from homeowners who have brown patches of dead grass that peels back very easily. In most cases, grubs have eaten the roots of their lawn, causing these patches. Upon further inspection, we are actually finding grubs still feeding at the surface. If you are experiencing similar conditions on your lawn, it is important to take care of it fast, as grubs can kill a large portion of your lawn in a matter of days. If you need help, please contact That Weed Guy right away. We will personally visit your lawn and provide you with options and pricing.

Something is Digging in My Lawn!

We are also getting calls regarding animals, such as skunks and raccoons, digging in the lawn. Animals can detect the sounds of grubs feeding, making the grubs an easy meal. While the grubs may not exist in numbers high enough to damage your lawn directly, the damage done by the animals feeding on them can be severe. We can treat the lawn to reduce the numbers of grubs, ultimately reducing the amount of damage being caused by the animals.

My Garden is Covered In Shiny Beetles!

In other areas we are seeing vegetation being devoured by Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica, the adult stage of one variety of grub). These beetles can cause major damage to rose bushes and other decorative plants.

Japanese Beetles feeding on a plant in Plainfield, IL 2013 Aug 4.
Japanese Beetles feeding on a plant in Plainfield, IL in early August.

To control Japanese Beetles in your garden, there are many different products widely available at your local hardware store. Be sure to read the label and apply it according to the directions. Always remember to keep all chemicals and harmful substances out of reach of children.

How Can That Weed Guy Help?

That Weed Guy can help control grubs in your lawn. Our season-long grub control covers you from start to finish. We apply a treatment in spring which helps defend your lawn from grubs through Fall. As a plus, if you still see grub activity and/or damage in the fall, we include however many treatments are necessary to reduce their numbers to a level that your lawn can handle – all included in the season-long grub control price. Contact us now! Don’t wait until it is too late for your lawn.

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