Winter debris on your lawn needs cleaned up

Jeremy Biros - 4 years ago

Winter can be very harsh on your lawn. One common issue in early Spring is the accumulation of debris in certain areas of the lawn. Leaves and trash tend to accumulate in the corners of the lawn or behind landscaping or other objects in your yard. Read my blog post to find out more about the effects of winter debris on your lawn!

Winter can be very harsh on your lawn

If you drive up and down the local highways and tollways this time of year, you may notice that the ditches are full of trash and debris. Do people throw more trash out during the winter? No. We just do not pick it up during this cold and blustery time of year. The same is true for your own lawn.

All winter long, sticks, leaves, and the neighbor’s recycling blow around your neighborhood until they find resting spots in your lawn. When the grass is dormant and the ground is frozen, it doesn’t cause much trouble. However, in the Spring, when the grass starts growing again, leaving this debris in place is a bad idea. Depending on the type of debris, it can block out the sun and cause the grass to suffer.

Clean up the winter debris in your yard!

Now that the weather is improving, it is time leave the comfort of your warm living room and get out there and clean up your yard. The health of your lawn depends on it. If you want your lawn to look good over the next few weeks, picking up the debris now is the first step.

While you are out cleaning up the winter debris, be sure to keep your eye out for other winter lawn issues. If you live in an area with a lot of field mice, you might see little trails of dead grass. You will need to gently rake the dead grass out of these trails and they will come back when the grass starts growing again.

Enjoy your Spring!

Spring is the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time of renewal and growth. The flowers bloom, the grass is extra green, and the air is as fresh as it will be all year. Get outside and enjoy it!

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